Get Krack!n’s Insane Fashion Expert Helen Bidou Is Doing A Wild Live Show

Your bleary early morning eyes are not deceiving you, one of the best-kept secrets of Australian morning TV is leaping off the screen and onto the stage for the very first time: Helen Bidou is going live.

The utterly bananas fashion “krackspert” from the ABC’s unhinged and definitely real morning show Get Krack!n has revealed a string of dates at the upcoming Melbourne International Comedy Festival that, while we have absolutely no idea what to expect from the shows themselves, are sure to be mind-bendingly wild if her appearances on the show are anything to go by.

Bidou, as fans of Get Krack!n would probably be aware, is a mysterious figure with a heavily redacted past, a suitcase full of sarongs, and bears more than a slight resemblance to comedian Anne Edmonds, which we can only assume is a wild coincidence.

A mysterious video sent to the PEDESTRIAN.TV offices in a garishly coloured envelope revealed some of Bidou’s intentions for the upcoming run of shows.

In addition, a hastily scrawled not wrapped around the original tape also contained a short statement attributed to Bidou.

Join me, Helen Bidou, for chitty chats, songs and sarongs. It’s me and you, I’m Helen Bidou and you are you. P.S. I am the fashion expert on Get Krack!n.

Make of that what you will.

The bulk of Bidou’s shows are scheduled to take place in a super late-night time slot, so whatever the hell she’s got in-store for Comedy Festival audiences it’s likely to be loose as hell.

Helen Bidou’s ‘Enter The Spinnaker Lounge‘ begins on March 30th at the Victoria Hotel, running every weekend through till April 21st.

You can suss tickets over at