Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Faces Court For Cocaine Trafficking Charge

26-year-old artist Georgia Tripos – a contestant from Richie Strahan‘s 2016 season of The Bachelor, who was eliminated about halfway through after never scoring a single date – has faced court today, charged with cocaine trafficking, The Age writes.

She was caught with thousands of dollars in cash in her car and at at her home: to be exact, $3500 at her home, which is her parents’ house; and $2000 and $1136 in purses in her car.

Honey, did you even watch Breaking Bad? You gotta get yourself a front, and launder that moolah. Or at least you gotta stash it good: sideboards, floorboards, don’t leave it in your purse.

Today Tripos faced Melbourne Magistrates Court with her mate Kristiana Karakostas for a committal hearing, where the court is set to decide if the pair will face trial.

Imagine being on the jury for that one. I’d be saying “Cool bananas” every ten to 15 minutes, like clockwork.

While Tripos has been unable to explain where the money came from her, her defence lawyers are arguing it could’ve been obtained legitimately. Hypothetically. You don’t know. Maybe she immediately withdrew her Bachelor money from the bank and kept it as cash just in her parents’ house. Who’s to say?

Text messages from Tripos and Karakostas’ phones apparently included the pair talking about a substance called ‘M’, but lawyers argued that a jury shouldn’t be able speculate about what ‘M’ refers to – although I think us totally law-abiding cherubs in the PEDESTRIAN.TV offices can hazard a guess.

Prosecutors believe that the pair were running a drug syndicate in Melbourne, trafficking significant quantities of methamphetamine and cocaine via Craiglist.

When Tripos and Karakostas were arrested and charged back in March last year, a Victoria Police spokesperson told The Daily Mail they had uncovered a large amount of illicit drugs after searches “at a business premises” and on a vehicle.