‘The Bachelor’ Is Making Sure That Rejected Bachelorettes Don’t Go Rogue

If the first season of Unreal has taught me anything, it’s that the producers of popular dating shows are among the most brutal and cut-throat individuals on the face of the earth. 
While The Bachelor Australia might not be quite on that level of ruthlessness, the producers clearly do like to keep the contestants on a tight leash, both on camera and off.
Today, it has emerged that Warner Brothers made all of this year’s hopefuls sign a new and improved contract, agreeing not to fraternise with other bachelorettes after being kicked off the show, so as not to spoil any surprises. 
An ‘insider’ – gotta love them – said that problems arose last year, with rejected bachelorettes socialising and even holidaying together filming, suggesting possible friendships and alliances, and crucially, revealing who was still single. 
The insider told the Daily Tele:

“When the contestants were seen with one another last year once filming was over but the show had not gone to air, it ruined potential plot lines for producers. It also gave viewers an idea as to who may have won, because she was rarely seen socialising with the other girls. Apparently the contract stipulates that, if they breach this clause, they will be taken to court.”

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While we’ve yet to see who buff bachelor Richie Strahan will choose, there is already speculation as to who will lead the next season of The Bachelorette, with previous Bachelor hopeful Lana Jeavons-Fellows the current top pick.

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