I’m fairly certain we’ve all contemplated getting the George Costanza ‘Timeless Art of Seduction’ oil painting before, but one Twitter user actually did. And boy, oh boy, did she regret it.

The Amazon customer left a one-star review on the painting, calling it “hideous” and “comically off.”

“This thing is hideous. His face is almost comically off. I look at the picture they have online here and then what is sitting on top of my book case and it is a DRAMATIC difference. It makes me laugh out loud, although I don’t know if it’s been $80 worth of laughs so far. Hasn’t been hung or mounted or placed anywhere because it’s just so ugly. It haunts me in my room at night.

I should have just bought the poster, I thought this would have been cool but…I should have just bought the poster.

Look at the picture I attached!”

george costanza

The “24×36 George Constanza Seinfeld REAL Oil Painting on Canvas, Handmade Not Printed” is currently still listed on Amazon but has no price, however the customer claims they paid $80 for this work of art.

Honestly, $80 is pretty cheap for any oil painting, even one that’s comically off. It’s still a pretty decent attempt at the Timeless Art of Seduction, much better than anything I could paint.

The work of art was featured in the 139th episode of Seinfeld, “The Package”, And has been officially meme-ified on the internet in recent years.

The Amazon attempt at the classic painting went viral after Twitter user @sexy_riker shared it. It has since amassed a whopping 45,000 likes and 10,000 retweets, with many users calling it nightmarish and wondering why anyone would want the painting in their house.

Image: Amazon.com