A Very Optimistic George Christensen Put Himself Forward To Be Deputy PM

Here’s a terrifying series of words: deputy prime minister George Christensen. Luckily, that is not the reality we’re facing right now, but it was one that was potentially on the cards with the news that Christensen threw his hat into the ring for the leadership of the National Party.

As the Daily Mercury is reporting, Christensen contested Michael McCormack‘s leadership bid, leading to a vote in the Nationals party room. We don’t know the numbers of the vote, but we do know that McCormack is now the leader of the Nationals and Christensen is not so, uh, you can probably interpret what that means.

While McCormack sure comes with his own baggage, it’s a bit of a relief to know that, while Turnbull is away, the acting PM won’t be a guy who has the common sense of a concussed lemming and who appeared multiple times on an openly anti-semitic, openly racist and openly homophobic white nationalist podcast before apologising after people started noticing.

McCormack has said he’s not fussed that Christensen made the challenge: “I congratulate George for putting up his hand.George has been a mate of mine for a number of years. That’s the National Party – we talk openly.

Look, George, you gave it a red-hot go.