Our Dickhead PM Wants A Gender Neutral Toilet Sign Taken Down Because It’s “Ridiculous”

Our absolute dickhead Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has vowed to remove a “please use the bathroom that best fits your gender identity” sign faster than he’s achieved anything else in his time in office.

A photo of the sign, which is actually a good initiative and does harm to literally nobody, was posted to Twitter by 9News political editor Chris Uhlmann earlier today.


Less than two hours after the picture was posted, Scott Morrison was on 2GB radio to dismiss the sign and rant about how we’re all too politically correct.

According to the man who runs our whole country, the sign on the toilet door of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet is “ridiculous” and “not necessary.” He also told 2GB that he will make sure the example of “political correctness over the top” would “be sorted” as soon as possible.

Now, I’m not a political correspondent but keeping up with politics is part of my job and I’m fairly certain Scott Morrison has done more about this sign on a bathroom door than he has about any major issue in his time as PM.

People on Newstart can’t afford to keep themselves alive? Who cares?

The entire nation of Tuvalu will be gone in a few years if we don’t do something about climate change? Meh!

Amazon’s on fire? Amazon shmamazon!

This isn’t even the first time ScoMo has shown a blatant disrespect towards the trans community. It wasn’t too long ago that he was criticising Cricket Australia for allowing gender diverse people play at the top level.

His comments were allegedly “personal” and weren’t a demand for his department to remove the sign, according to the ABC.

The comments come just days after ScoMo *almost* made some good comments about diversity.

“It is in keeping with the more diverse, pluralistic society Australia has become over many decades. And it chimes with our national ethos of ‘live and let live’, ” he began.

Sounds good, right? Keep reading.

“I believe a commitment to diversity should encompass diversity of viewpoints within the [Australian Public Service],” he said. “There is compelling evidence that this helps teams find answers to complex problems by bringing together people who approach questions from different points of view.”

Ahh, yes. We don’t need to value diversity in people and respect everyone regardless of gender/race/sexuality. We need to value the diversity of people with shitty opinions about equality.

Scott Morrison seems to have a real issue with the trans community, and I have a real issue with the leader of our whole country having an issue with that.