Scott Morrison Apparently Shocked To Learn Gender Pay Gap Existed & Wow, You Had One Job Jenny

Prime Minister Scott Morrison apparently didn’t know the gender pay gap existed until recently. And understandably, Twitter has gone into meltdown with people wondering how that’s even possible.

On Sunday morning’s Insiders ABC, political reporter Andrew Probyn said that according to inside sources, Morrison was “gobsmacked” to find out the gender pay gap existed.

“I think what we are witnessing, though, is the slow transformation of Scott Morrison from someone who didn’t understand it at all to someone who is getting some understanding,” Probyn said on Sunday.

“I’ve heard inside some of these [government] meetings Scott Morrison was gobsmacked there was even a gender pay gap, because he can’t understand why you would have women and men paid differently for doing the same job, and you’ve got some of his colleagues say, ‘Well, Prime Minister, that actually does happen.’

“So you would have noticed that two weeks ago the Prime Minister actually started talking about the gender pay gap, but maybe a day or so before that he had no understanding that actually happened.”

Scott Morrison
Image: AAP

Probyn’s comments about Scott Morrison quickly went viral, with many people (including MPs, like Peta Murphy) unable to believe that the Prime Minister is only learning of this concept now.

But it seems like Morrison did actually know about the gender pay gap. after a tweet from 2018 resurfaced.

“Under Labor, the gender pay gap increased from $15.5% to 17.2%. Under our Government it has fallen to 14.5% and heading in right direction,” Morrison wrote on Twitter.

However, the PM’s office have released a statement claiming that these allegations are “demonstrably false.”

This comes after Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk called for National Cabinet to host a National Women’s Summit on the “economic” and “social inequality” facing Australian women.

The Summit would address key women’s issues like affordable childcare, sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace, domestic violence, the impact COVID-19 has disproportionately had on women and of course, ScoMo’s favourite: the gender pay gap.

Maybe Jenny needs to run the Summit, so Scott Morrison can understand these issues better?