A Sydney Shop Made CNN For Calling Morrison A ‘Useless Dickhead’ And Where’s The Lie?

sydney lockdown note morrison dickhead

A little sign in the front window of a vintage shop in Sydney’s inner west, perfectly capturing how utterly exhausted Aussies are with the country’s shamozzle of a vaccine rollout and seemingly unending journey in and out of lockdown, has found its way into international news. A note, which straight-up calls Scott Morrison a “useless dickhead”, landing on CNN. Delicious.

James Powditch posted his handwritten note to customers at his Annandale vintage store online this week, which called out Scott Morrison for not getting in enough vaccines to cover nearly enough of the country’s population.

“We will be closed for the foreseeable future,” his note reads.

“Because Scott Morrison is a useless dickhead who only ordered enough vaccine to vaccinate 4% of the population 18 months into a pandemic.”

It’s a simple, 35-word message that accurately pins down the sheer exasperation that I think is felt pretty widely across the country.

Now that people outside of Australia are taking notice of our frustrations, I don’t know whether to be proud of my fellow frustrated folks, or be deeply embarrassed by those in charge of rolling out the only way we can be truly protected by this virus – especially when each new variant is more infectious, more ferocious, more alarming than the last.

James’ post that got picked up isn’t the only one he’s written for his Sydney shop, critical of the way the country’s leaders are doing anything but leading us away from this mess.

He’s posted up a new variant of the same note since the city plunged into a two-week lockdown, his irritation with the whole bungled situation being increasingly evident with each message to his customers.

It’s not just Aussies on our own little island of shame feeling hapless in the face of a baffling botch job of a rollout – not by those actually doing the injections, may I stress – expats have also been watching with a close eye on what’s happening back home.

Jason Wilson, a journalist living abroad in the US penned a belter of an opinion piece for The Guardian on Monday, calling it for what it is: “a claustrophobic and insular place, which appears disconnected from the world that is putting itself back together after the pandemic.”

It plumb knocked the wind out of my lungs reading, and reckoning, with his thoughts from across the pond.

We might not want that hard truth about how thoroughly Australia has monumentally cocked up a very unique opportunity to nip things in the bud when things were good – and they were good for a while there – but maybe it’s the wake up we desperately need and deserve.