Scott Morrison Calls For More Women In Parliament, But Doesn’t Want To Help Get Them There

Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants more women in federal parliament, but he reckons it’s not his job as leader of the government and the whole country to make that happen.

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In a meeting with the New South Wales Liberal State Council, Scott Morrison raised the very valid point that there aren’t all that many females in federal parliament. In his keynote address, ScoMo said that he wants to see more women running for parliament in the next federal election, which will likely be held in 2022.

Women only made up 23% of the Liberal’s lower house MPs and Senators as of the 2019 federal election. In contrast, the Labor party displayed a 47% female representation at the same time, according to the ABC. Women also outnumbered men in the Senate for the Labour party.

ScoMo called upon the NSW representatives to work with him to increase the amount of women running for federal positions.

“I want to see at the next election more women in our parliament, and I want to see the NSW division work with me and my team to deliver that — on merit, that’s the key,” he said. “But we’ve got to deliver it. No point in having targets when you don’t have a plan to meet them. We’ve got a target for growing jobs in this country. But we’ve also got a plan in creating those jobs.”

He also pointed out that it’s not his job to actually achieve this, likely to avoid any responsibility if it doesn’t actually happen.

“It’s not for me or my parliamentary colleagues or (Premier) Gladys (Berejiklian) and her parliamentary colleagues to be telling you, the members of the NSW division, how those issues should run in terms of how you should select candidates — that’s up to you — but we need to lift that representation and that’s your job.”

Scott Morrison, who last week lost his marbles over a gender inclusive sign on a bathroom door, has suddenly decided care about womens equality.

At an International Women’s Day address in Perth earlier this year, ScoMo made it clear that he doesn’t understand what feminism actually is, suggesting that women can only get ahead at the expense of men.

“We want to see women rise. But we don’t want to see women rise only on the basis of others doing worse,” he said in the address, despite the fact that feminism is trying to achieve equality, not superiority.

So basically, he wants more women in parliament, but not if they’re taking opportunities from men.

In his address in Sydney on Saturday, Scott Morrison said it wasn’t his job to tell NSW members how to increase female representation, only that it needs to be done. So, you know, make it happen.

Is this the part where Scott Morrison starts to do something good for the nation? Or is it simply another big show to make it look like Scott Morrison cares about something other than signs on toilet doors? Who knows?

Scott Morrison surprisingly won the recent federal election in May this year, and isn’t expected to face the polls again until 2022.