CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses rape.

Over 50,000 people booed Scott Morrison when he appeared on screen at the West Coast Eagles v Collingwood game on Friday night.

The AFL game was held at the Optus stadium in Perth with a 54,159 strong crowd. Unfortunately, during the second quarter the camera panned over to ScoMo’s irritating mug and loud boos instantly erupted from the stadium.

“Nice reception,” Channel 7 commentator James Brayshaw said when the roar erupted.

“You wouldn’t like to be in that job and come to the footy, would you?”said other footy commentator Brian Taylor.

The big boo-boo didn’t go unnoticed and tonnes of people took to Twitter to point out the Prime Minister’s unwelcome reception.

Morrison hasn’t visited Western Australia since Labor’s Mark McGowan won the WA election in a landslide victory because ScoMo only wishes he could be as likeable and sexy as daddy McGowan.

It should come as no surprise that Scott Morrison has lost popularity with Australians. The PM’s performance has plunged from 62 per cent to 55 per cent in the span of of two weeks, after shocking allegations of inappropriate behaviour and sexual assault in Parliament have come out recently.

Earlier this year Brittany Higgins, a Liberal staffer, came forward with a shocking claim that she was raped inside Parliament house in 2019. After Higgins shared her story, many more have come forward with their own allegations against members of Parliament and an independent inquiry into the workplace culture at Parliament House was announced.

Most recently, National MP Michael Johnson resigned from NSW state parliament after being accused of rape. It is alleged he raped a sex worker in the Blue Mountains in 2019.

It might be tradition to boo the PM at the footy, but it’s safe to say that in Morrison’s case it was wholeheartedly deserved.

Image: Fox Footy