Gelato Messina Thieves Exhibit Remorse, Pay For Stolen Cake; No Free Ice Cream For You

Justice was served last night in two scoops, one cup, after three idiot cake thieves with the audacity to try swindle Australia’s favourite custodians of iced custard apparently exhibited remorse and exchanged legal tender for the heavenly confection they stole in full view of a CCTV system before driving away on Monday this week – a flawed scheme, daylight highway robbery of the most delicious kind. 

Updating a vigilante Facebook call out conducted with the aim of weeding out the perps and rewarding you with free ice cream in the process, Gelato Messina revealed earlier this morning that “[the thieves] miraculously came in last night and paid for the cake… No criminal record, lesson learned, job done [smiley face].”
Though no crime has been recorded and no time will be served, perhaps the greatest punishment – and one befitting these three – is the knowledge that it’ll probably be a long time before they once more cast a fond gaze over those glossy mounds of glacé; never again to fog up the cabinet with baited breath and hands clammy in anticipation, cast out in exile of the Bondi shopfront, condemned to a life of 1.5L take home packs. Or eating ice cream at The Star.
via Gelato Messina on Facebook