Messina Will Reward You With Gelato If You Help Find These Idiot Cake Thieves

Purveyors of avant-artisan iced goods, enablers of your recent weight gain and 63% of the photos you’re @-mentioned in on Instagram (“omfg yummmm @You we haave to try this!!1“), Gelato Messina, have done an Annandale Hotel and taken to Facebook to taste the sweet weekly special that is Vigilante Justice. 
It’s hoped a peanut gallery the ice cream parlour just posted will be used to weed out a cake-thieving, cut-off wearing Eastern Suburbs crime ring which struck the newly-opened Bondi store on Monday night. As a sweet incentive, Messina will reward anyone with information with delicious free ice cream. 
From the looks of things, the easily-identifiable perps absconded with a Dr. Evil’s Magic Mushroom, a signature haute ice cream cake filled with dark chocolate gelato, peanut cookies, dulce de leche, vanilla cream, chocolate sponge and red ganache, popping candy and crushed biscuit, which retails at $85. Not only are the three stupidly identifiable – tattooed, not at all concerned with security cameras or license plates – they’re also idiots for not taking the Tiramisu Smash because that shit is next level.

To the craaaaazy kids who decided to steal from us on Monday night in Bondi. Guess what?” ask Messina, “We have lots of cameras!
You even parked your car out the front right in front of a camera! Not the smartest thieves on earth.  

If anyone knows these lovely chaps, PM us. We’ve put a bounty on their heads (i.e. actually Bounty… 1.5L of Bounty to anyone who dobs them in!) We thought we’d save them the indignity of reporting them to the police. We just want them to come back, say sorry, and pay for the cake. 

We know you were just havin’ a laugh boys, but stealing is crap.
Dob yourself in and we’ll be even more impressed!
The complete rogue’s gallery and full details of the theft are available on Gelato Messina’s usually lust-inducing Facebook.