As the ancient proverb goes: hell hath no fury like a Facebook mum scorned.

The Geelong Easter Egg Hunt and Street Food Festival – which is absolutely one of the world’s premier events, obviously – is absorbing an absolute roasting from local parents after parents accused organisers of ruining the innocence of the Easter egg hunt by confiscating chocolate and making children cry.
This unspeakable crime against nature came at a cost of $15 a head. Children were permitted to engage in the egg hunt at Geelong Showground on the strict condition that they only fill a single bag with eggs. Now the council is needing to defend itself after organisers allegedly CONFISCATED EXCESS EGGS. Sickening, truly.
The Events Geelong page on Facebook is an absolute warzone right now, folks:
I’m especially concerned by the comment of one Jen Fitch, who was so furious about the grand theft of eggs that she smashed her own face repeatedly into the keyboard. Sad!
Appreciate for a moment the mental image of an Easter Bunny literally taking eggs back from greedy children. Savour it. This is what our once great civilisation has become.
But there’s another side to the story. According to organiser Teresita Verfurth, speaking to the Herald Sun, staff had to contend with extremely unruly parents trying to defend their children’s ill-gotten hauls – including a participant who had hidden at least 20 eggs under a blanket. “It’s very hard, we tried to be fair, I tried everything, but people just filled up their bags,” she said.
“People had the rules, they read the rules, but we had people putting them in their pockets, hiding them in their prams — I was trying to get enough for all the children, I’m not discriminating against anyone.”

Verfurth said that she was also racially abused by some parents. “They called me slanty-eyes,” she said. “It’s very hard to please people.”
Regardless, Events Geelong have apologised in a comment on their Facebook page:
Thanks for the feedback. We have passed this on to the event organisers. We’re sorry to hear about these experiences; hopefully they can be rectified. Hope the rest of your Easter is a good one.
Source: Herald Sun.
Photo: Facebook.