Frida, Mexico’s Very Good Rescue Pup, Is Now Immortalised In A Heroic Mural

Frida, the specially-trained rescue dog who worked to locate survivors trapped under the rubble of September’s devastating Mexico earthquake, has been honoured with her very own mural in the nation’s capital.

Complete with lil’ doggy goggles and Navy-issue rescue vest, Frida can be seen radiating goodness and positive vibes after working tirelessly to help those impacted by the tremors.

San Diego artist Celeste Byers, who worked with local graffiti artist Uneg over four days to paint the very good girl in Mexico City’s earthquake-ravaged Condesa district, created the vibrant piece after Frida ascended to cult hero status.

via Manuel Velasquez / Getty

While the exact number of survivors found by Frida after the quake hasn’t been nailed down, her impact on the nation is clear: Condé Nast Traveller reports the mural has caused some passers-by to shed a few tears, with one even crafting a necklace for Byers as a token of her sincere appreciation.

At least 369 people were killed after the September 19 quake, with large portions of central Mexico significantly impacted. That number could have been higher, were it not for the work of rescue dogs like Frida.