Frida The Rescue Dog Has Found 52 People In The Mexican Earthquake So Far

Hello, happy Friday. You made it, and I’m so very proud of you for withstanding another mess of a week. Please, take a good moment to sit back and enjoy this extremely wholesome story about a very good girl named Frida.

Frida, well she’s a beaut of a pup. She works tirelessly with the Mexican Navy as part of the Canine Unit (!!!) to find people that are trapped amongst the rubble after natural disasters.

After the most recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico, Frida and her dog squad have been snuffling out signs of life amongst the ruins.

WHAT A GOOD GIRL. Look at her little boots and goggles! Ahh, I love her so much.

In the last couple of weeks she’s worked very hard on her important job, and managed to find and save 52 people stuck in the aftermath of the earthquake so far.

She’s absolutely got her own legion of fans and admirers, because of COURSE she does. One of them even proposed for the Mexican 500 Peso note to be changed to honour Frida.

And @dog_rates, the very good dog-rating Twitter account, gave her a well-deserved (and rare) 14/10.

Frida, thank you for your good and hard work. May you get all the ear scritches and belly rubs that you deserve.

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