Fred Nile Is Scared Gays Will Form Their Own Nation & Bitch, We Might

Ancient, festering pile of bigotry come to life, Fred Nile, has crawled out of the bible he calls home to spout more nonsensical bullshit, this time voicing his fear that in a post-Macklemore-at-the-grand-final world, Australian gays will form their own country.


The leader of the Christian Democratic Party and bloated leg of ham possessed by an evil horror-movie nun, has inferred in a press release that now that gay people have been bolstered by Macklemore’s “gay anthem” Same Love being performed at the footy, our next step is obviously our own citizenship.

The homosexual lobby has its own Olympics, its own award ceremonies in the cultural arena, its own flag, and now we are told they will have their own ‘anthem’.

What next? Are they going to start handing out their own separate homosexual citizenships?

As a member of the homosexual community, allow me to be the first to say, yes. Yes we are Fred.

You fkn muppet.

Gay Twitter lost it’s absolute shit at old (old, old, old, old, old) mate’s latest bout of insanity, and as we so often love to, fired back some absolute pearlers:

Fred Nile, honey. Oh babes, no. No no no no, shhhhh. It’s quiet time now sweets, ok?

Once more for the bigots up the back: