Lyle Shelton (Homophobe) Will Replace Fred Nile (Homophobe!!) As Christian Democrats Leader

Fred Nile

Lyle Shelton will replace the retiring Fred Nile (leader of the Christian Democrat Party and homophobe) in the New South Wales Parliament.

Nile announced that he would be retiring from the NSW Legislative Council on Sunday. After 40 years in politics, he is the longest current serving member of Parliament.

“It has been the privilege of my life to represent Christ’s values in the NSW Parliament on behalf of the Citizens of this great State,” Nile said in a press release.

“I am delighted to be recommending Lyle Shelton as my successor and I am confident this news will be received with great enthusiasm by our Members.”

Nile’s replacement, Lyle Shelton, is the former head of the Australian Christian Lobby and leader of the No campaign against same-sex marriage (ew). He is very anti-LGBTIQ in his political opinions, and has said the movement is “indoctrinating children” on Twitter. Fred Niles is also a raging homophobe, and once said he was scared gays would form their own nation.

After being announced as Niles successor, Shelton commended the retiring leader as being a “lone voice for Christ’s values.” He also said that “never before has the Christian voice been more needed in public life.”

People in the replies have expressed disappointment that a man with such backwards opinions will sit in NSW Parliament.

This comes after the Christian Democrats have faced a number of controversies, and at one point the NSW Electoral Commission warned it was considering deregistering the party for having less than 500 members.

Fred Nile was also locked out of his own party headquarters last year, due to an internal conflict where party members accused Nile of mismanaging funds.