Macklemore Is Calling His NRL ‘Same Love’ Gig A Deadset Career Highlight

It wasn’t the ‘Yes’ campaign’s fault that Macklemore’s NRL Grand Final performance became a nation-stopping event. The league wasn’t responsible, nor were fans and viewers at home. Hell, it wasn’t even Macklemore’s fault. Responsibility rests entirely on the few high-profile conservatives who, in their boundless wisdom, chose to demonise a five-year-old piece of pop-rap in the name of political point-scoring.

In the same way, we can thank Tony Abbott, Peter Dutton, and the other hand-wringing social conservatives for raising Same Love‘s profile high enough to nail its spot atop Australia’s iTunes singles chart. A day after the rapper appeared before wild cheers at ANZ Stadium, Same Love remains locked in as #1.

It’s also worth noting his track Good Old Days is still sitting at a respectable fifth position. Meanwhile, The Killers’ totally apolitical Mr. Brightside (legitimately, what is that song about?) has snuck its way to #2, on account of its own appearance at a footy final.

While Macklemore (and Brandon Flowers, presumably) enjoys the resurgence of their tracks on the Aussie charts, he also took a moment to comment on the unexpected significance of his performance. Taking to Twitter, he said the whole deal was a career highlight.

So, cheers again to the gronks who made a unintentionally transformed a totally inoffensive track into a national talking point. Thanks for demonstrating the illogical bile spewed at anyone and anything who dares advocate for equality, in even the most benign manner. Well done, all of you.