2GB & 3AW Literally Censored ‘Same Love’ During Their NRL GF Broadcast

It’s getting absolutely exhausting simply keeping a tally of the blatant, outright hypocrisy from same-sex marriage opponents lately, with the latest bout of cognitive dissonance coming from none other than ancient, eternally angry white man Ray Hadley and his precious insanity mouthpiece 2GB Radio.

It should came as no surprise that Ray, a man who’s longest entry on his Wikipedia page is the ‘Controversies’ section, has weighed into… well… controversy, responsible for the decision last night to censor Macklemore’s performance of Same Love on the radio’s live broadcast of the NRL grand final.

Instead, 2GB (the broadcast was also simulcast on Melbourne’s 3AW) played a piss-take “cover” version of Macklemore’s marriage equality call-to-arms, titled Ray Can’t Play, performed by Ray himself and his daughter and, Jesus fucking Christ if that doesn’t sound like pure hell condensed into audio form.

The 2GB commentators allegedly introduced their Same Love censoring with this:

The next song will be Same Love so we will be going to our version put together by the Robertson Brothers with Ray and also one of his daughters.

“We are not hearing from Macklemore. Here we go with our Same Love version performed by Ray and his daughter.

The move comes off the back of heated discussions last week of the right for a so-called “same-sex marriage anthem” to be performed at a sporting event, with right-wing-nut-jobs such as former PM Tony Abbott, decrying the apparent mixing of sport and politics.

The hypocrisy of these claims from the kind of people whose love and championing of “free speech” borders on the masturbatory, is pretty evident to anyone with a functioning brain.

This morning however Hadley even copped it from his Melbourne counterpart 3AW’s Neil Mitchell, who called the move “absolutely nonsense”:

The decision was made by the presenters there to censor the song and put some rubbish on instead. I thought it was unprofessional and embarrassing.  Really, really, really, I was appalled. I really shake my head at that.

Hadley hit back in his usual spittle-covered fury, claiming “It wasn’t played in protest to same-sex marriage. It was played as a gee-up because I thought John Farnham should have been there.

We’re sure as hell glad to be putting this particularly nuts bout of Australian politics behind us to be honest. Hopefully the only takeaway is that one of the most watched events in our country, featured a beautiful, powerful call for equality.

Damn right we support it.