Macklemore Just Brought The House Down With ‘Same Love’ At The NRL GF

Because it’s 2017 and we live in upside down land, pretty much everyone with their head screwed on properly in Australia loves Macklemore right now.

After uproar surrounded the pop star’s scheduled performance at the NRL grand final – and the fact that he was going to perform ‘Same Love‘, an anthem for LGBTQIA kids – the single rocketed to #1 on the Australian iTunes charts, cranky old fuddy-duddies started getting their knickers in a knot about “free speech”, of all things, and the bloke himself promised to donate all the proceeds from his NRL concert to the ‘Yes’ campaign.

It’s been a wild ride, and it all culminated in this: his performance at tonight’s Grand Final.

A massive crowd was there ready to receive a simple message of open-hearted love, and that’s exactly what went down.

Thousands of people held their phones aloft while Macklemore and Mary Lambert busted out ‘Same Love’, and just in case we (and the rest of Australia) hadn’t yet got the message, he ended the tune with a gust of rainbow-coloured smoke machines and the words “Equality for all“.

Heart hands, rainbow smoke, and a song that says what we’re all thinking: love is love. Whoever wins the final tonight, let’s make sure love wins this stupid postal vote, once and for all.