Jack Riewoldt Belting ‘Mr Brightside’ With The Killers Post-Win Is Pure Joy

In the 2006 romantic ensemble comedy ‘The Holiday‘, a character played by Cameron Diaz celebrates emancipation from a dysfunctional relationship by getting shitfaced in a cottage and belting out ‘Mr Brightside‘. Truly, whatever that song is about, it is evocative of wild abandon, of passion, of the sorts of emotions you can only experience after either lifeswapping with Kate Winslet (still talking about ‘The Holiday‘, for some reason) or by winning an AFL Grand Final.

Likely not in a position to do the former but enjoying the latter thanks to a stunning win this afternoon from the Tigers, Richmond forward Jack Riewoldt got to unleash those very unique emotions in the ultimate fashion: on stage with The Killers themselves.

Is he a trained musician? No. Does he have the stage presence of a trained, experienced performer? Again, no. Is he a man experiencing one of the most euphoric moments of his life, free from self-consciousness? You bet your fucken ass. Look at this happy camper:

Mate, nice one.