Jack Riewoldt Is An Official Ex-Member Of The Killers According To Wiki

A lot of you, the bulk of probs, reckon you’ve had a good day before. Sure, you might’ve had fun, enjoyed yourself, found personal fulfilment in some small way. That’s fine. That’s a solid day. But the definition of a proper Good Day™ is now forever changed after Jack Riewoldt managed to win a long-awaited AFL Premiership *and* belt out ‘Mr. Brightside‘ on-stage with The Killers all within a measly 6-hours this past Saturday.

Now *that* is a good-ass day, folks.

By now we’ve all seen the footage of Jack singing his guts out with The Killers at the MCG following Richmond‘s scintillating, pressure-fuelled rout of Adelaide in Saturday’s AFL Grand Final. Seeing Jack, Premiership medallion around his neck, still wearing his game jersey and shorts, is pure, unbridled joy.

In fact it was so bloody good that Wikipedia (albeit briefly) thought it apt to list Jack as an offical ex-member of the Las Vegas group, with Riewoldt’s name listed alongside former bass player Dell Neal, and former drummers Matt Norcross and Brian Havens. Riewoldt happily announced his new status as a former bandmate in an Instagram post late yesterday (smash that right scroll button on the embed below for the good biz).

As it turns out, Jack’s leap of faith onto the stage on Saturday night wasn’t quite as spontaneous as you might think. An off-handed comment Jack made pre-game about maybe wanting to join the band set the PR wheels in motion, with a flurry of communication between AFL PR and Michael Gudinski‘s office – who was promoting and putting together the Grand Final performance – leading to the band happily breaking their usually staunchly adhered-to “no guest singers” rule.

And if you thought Jack’s mic technique left a little to be desired, the Tigers key forward assures everyone it was deliberate and, after an hour of yelling himself hoarse following the final siren, entirely necessary:

I am a massive Killers fan and I might have flagged it with the media department that I wouldn’t mind doing it and the AFL kindly obliged and so did the Killers. You don’t get these opportunities in life much so why not take it.

I just remember trying to hold the mike far enough away that you couldn’t see it, my voice was ruined by then so it was great fun.

Onya, Jack. That’s a hell of a day.