Fred Again… Announces Surprise Sydney Opera House Show & Let The Ticket Fight Begin

ALERT ALERT! Fred Again… is slinging tickets to a surprise Sydney Opera House show tonight! Yes, that’s right, TONIGHT. The secret show master is doing a secret show… AGAIN. And sadly, as per usual, the tickets have already sold out. I’m yet to meet anyone who managed to nab tickets, if that makes you feel a bit better.

The mad rush for tickets kicked off when the king of surprise gigs took to his Instagram Stories from the fkn top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge this morning to announce the surprise show on Tuesday morning.

“Australia!!!! We here!” he wrote, alongside an apt Australian flag emoji.

“Sydney Opera House tonight!!!!”

If anyone wants company I’m so happy to come with xoxoox. (Image: Instagram)

As you’d expect, the online queue went absolutely bonkers. When I logged on, there were a whopping 80,000 people in front of me and judging by the reactions on X — formerly known as Twitter — I wasn’t alone.

This surprise gig hasn’t been as much of a shock as it has been in the past.

Over the last little while, Fred Again… had been hinting at some Australia-related shit by posting some Vegemite. On his Stories, he hinted that he was getting on a plane and “gonna play some shows” when they landed. When eagle-eyed fans thought the plane in the Story looked like a Qantas bird, the anticipation kicked in.

Now that the Sydney surprise show is definitely a goer, fans are already questioning whether Melbourne will be receiving the same treatment. After all, the last time he performed a secret show in Melbourne, it sold out in 3.4 seconds leaving a lot of fans disappointed.

For those who managed to get tickets, have a great night, my friends. Take some vids so I can live vicariously through you!