RIP To Anyone Trying To Get Into Fred Again’s Secret Melb Show ’Cos It Sold Out In 3.4 Seconds

fred again melbourne secret show

Our deepest condolences are going out to Melbourne fans of Fred Again.. because a secret warehouse show announced for Friday night sold out in a matter of seconds. 3.4 seconds to be exact.

The UK producer is in Australia for Laneway Festival and a couple of very-sold-out headline shows — his first time playing in the country. So when word got out on Friday morning that he was putting on a secret show somewhere in Melbourne, fans went absolutely boonta trying to lock in a ticket.

Surely there’s a very real possibility the sell-out show has broken some kind of ticket sales record. No information about the actual venue or how many people it holds will be released until closer to the gig starting tonight but the fact it sold out in 3.4 seconds has thrown me backwards off my seat.

Fred Again..’s fans have been going above and beyond to try and catch a glimpse of the master sequencer in action. After his very first show on Australian soil at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre on Wednesday night (which was an absolutely stunning gig), a hot rumour circulated that he was going to hit up Howler for an afterparty.

It resulted in more than 300 people lining up outside the tiny Brunswick bar and Fred having to cancel after police said it would have been too dangerous.

The next day Fred posted to his Instagram Story and used whale emojis, which fans read as a cryptic location message for St Kilda’s Prince of Wales Hotel (AKA The Prince). They swarmed that pub too even though Fred had stressed he was actually going to check out the Port Phillip penguins — where fans also showed up just to meet their fave.

So it’s no real surprise that a last-minute rave in an undisclosed warehouse in Melbourne sold out faster than you can queue up his latest banger (“Rumble” with Skrillex BTW). I’m more than sure that we’ll be seeing Fred Again.. around these parts again in the not-too-distant future.

And if you’re one of the people who managed to lock in a ticket for tonight’s rave in suddenly-wintery Melbourne, we have no choice but to salute you.