Fred Again… Fans Are Doing Wild Things For Tix Including Begging In News Headlines (2 Pls)

When the master of secret shows Fred again… announced he was doing a surprise show TONIGHT at the Sydney Opera House, it sent Aussie concert goers into a frenzy of excitement. And when the tickets all sold out almost immediately, that state of excitement evolved into a frenzy of desperation.

The iconic producer sent fans into a rabid run for tickets with a post on his Instagram Stories early on Tuesday morning.

(Image: @Fredagainagainagainagainagain Instagram)

Unfortunately for fans, the secret rave sold out in no time at all due to huge demand — and temporarily crashed the Opera House website while doing so.

However, as we learnt from the recent ticket selling sagas around Taylor Swift and SZA, just because tickets sell out doesn’t mean fans will stop trying to search for them.

Which has resulted in some absolutely unhinged and shameless displays of desperation to get tickets to the one-night-only Sydney show by Fred again…

Whether it’s an extravagant trade offer of unnecessary body parts, or just straight up asking the internet to work its magic and oull through with some tickets, folks are willing to try whatever they can to see the DJ live in Sydney.

The digital ticket lounge got a work out, with hundreds of thousands of users putting the Opera House site on the brink of collapse.

But as well as that, the IRL box office of the Opera House was flooded with folks trying to get a ticket the old fashion way.

Some sprinted to success.

@harrypegrum Ignore me running like a child while trying not to slip in the rain #fredagain #fredagainsydney #sydneyoperahouse ♬ leavemealone – Fred again.. & Baby Keem

While others were left waiting on the steps in defeat.

@si.bolg looks like thus is as close as we are getting to the gig #fredagain #fredagainagainagain #operahouse #fredagainsydney ♬ Kyle (i found you) – Fred again..

However not everyone was looking to purchase a ticket. There are some lucky folks out there who are in the unique position of actually trying to GET RID of extra tickets.

And let’s just say, for a nation that’s been very vocal against price gouging by supermarkets, some of you are real shameless.

But the rabid behaviour has not been kept to the mere act of looking for tickets.

As Fred again… is renowned for secret raves and spontaneous dance party announcements, and seeing as he is currently in Australia, fans began to speculate where he would be playing his next surprise show — assuming there will be another OFC.

This lead to people and groups teasing that they “knew” the next surprise show venue.

@concreteplayground For those 70,000+ of you who missed out on tickets this morning. #fredagain #harrystylesaustraliantour #fredagainsydney #breakingnews #thingstodoinsydney #sydneyaustralia #concreteplayground ♬ Little Life – Cordelia

While the Sydney show was announced as a surprise on Tuesday morning, some eagle-eyed internet sleuths were less surprised than others. With some going as far to prepare for the announcement by flying to Sydney just in case he was performing there.

@millieburto I know im delusional but I call this the highest form of manifestation x #fredagain ♬ FredOrMac – Tonytonytonytony

Y’all be wild, but as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, it’s all good and fun. And at the end of the day, the frenzy around buying tickets to an event happening that night is just as much a part of the event as the show itself. We stan the stan culture.

Fred Again… will be performing at the Opera House on Tuesday February 27.

And his next performance will be at — we’d like to know, too. Fred again… you up?