‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Misses Fame, Releases Less Frustrating Multiplayer Version

In February this year Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen shut down the game, mostly due to the fact that he literally could not even. Dong said of the decision: “I cannot take this anymore.”

“This” being the apparent fame – not the $50,000 a day – that Flappy Bird brought him. But now, he’s done a complete 180 and is bringing the highly addictive, yet highly infuriating game back. Albeit in a slightly less ‘why the fuck won’t this fucking flappy bastard stop running into fucking pipes, FUCK!‘ way.

Back in March he hinted at bringing back the game saying that, while he wasn’t working on a new version, if he ever did release one it’d come with a warning: ‘Please take a break.’

Nguyen has since told CNBC he’ll relaunch the game in August but would much rather see people spend time doing something more productive than waste their time guiding a little cartoon bird through pipes. The new version will apparently be less addictive and will have a multi-player function.

He also has more apps in the development stages, including a game that has “a guy jumping from building to building.”

Get ready to once again be all like: