‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Can’t Handle The Fame, Shuts Game Down And Returns To Simple Life

The creator of Flappy Bird, the most popular free game on iTunes, has taken to Twitter to let his fans know that he is shutting the game down.

Unable to cope with the celebrity that comes with being such an app sensation, Dong Nguyen will take the game offline in roughly 15 hours. It is bad news for fans, but good news for Dong, as he will get to return to his old life. The life before he was swept up in the madness that is Flappy Bird.

It was a meteoric rise. One day he was chilling in Hanoi, the next his new app was taking off and he was the star of iTunes. Though, like all fame, it came at a harsh price. Dong’s simple life was ruined.

Dong was earning $50,000 dollars a day from advertising revenue, but even that wasn’t enough to stem the hole in his heart. Money be damned, he has said that he won’t sell the game. Instead, he will let it float off into oblivion, never to be seen by another smartphone again.

Via News.com.au