Sesame Street’s ‘Flappy Bird’ Spin-Off ‘Flappy Bert’ Will Be The Death Of Your Work Ethic

Legions were gravely saddened this past weekend upon learning that popular mobile telephone application Flappy Bird had been euthanised (a great many were also, briefly, happy and surprised to learn that the app been a thing in the first place). 

Never ones to let an opportunity for parodic, pun-based, topical content slide, Sesame Street have today unveiled a much-needed Flappy Bird spin-off, aptly-titled Flappy Bert. The low bit parody eschews Sesame Street’s obvious avian resident, Big Bird, and instead employs the services of the Twitter mascot and the closeted grouch Bert as the game’s unflappable titular protagonist. I can’t get past the second pipe :/
You can play Flappy Bert here. Don’t fight it.