A Colombian family has received quite the scare after their father was initially pronounced dead, only to be discovered alive in a morgue. This is absolutely our worst nightmares combined, but it’s a fascinating fuck-up nonetheless and, for that, we must pour the horror tea.

As initially reported by regional Colombian newspaper El Heraldo, Juan Jose Munoz Romero had rocked up to Las Penitas hospital with high blood pressure. His family then received a call from doctors at the hospital, declaring the 67-year-old dead. Despite the family’s reservations, they were reportedly told by doctors that they weren’t able to see the body, given the current restrictions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Romero’s daughter – a damn trooper – refused to accept the doctor’s wishes, successfully infiltrating the hospital’s morgue to find her dad… breathing. If that wasn’t bad enough, the daughter was allegedly told that it was a common reaction for her to believe that he was still alive. (The nightmare continues.)

“My sister didn’t believe the answer, and decided to take the body from there,” the family’s son told the publication, via Mirror. “We took him to another clinic. But all that time in the morgue had affected him and he was suffering from ischemia.” (Ischemia is a condition in which certain organs do not receive enough blood.)

Romero is now in a stable condition, and being treated in another hospital. The daughter has understandably been praised for her tenacity and persistence.

I hope you were as fascinated and terrified by this random, tidbit of odd international news as I was.

Image: Google Maps