Woman Sends Ex A Truckload Of Onions To Make Him Cry As Much As She Did & For That, We Stan

Not all heroes wear capes – some simply have a phone, and order truckloads of onions to be delivered to their exes’ doors.

Such is the case of this woman over in China, who sent mountains of the respective vegetable to her former partner after he cheated and then broke up with her. Despite the duo being together for over a year, Shandong Net reported, the heartbroken sender believed her ex wasn’t as upset about the whole thing as she was.

Her solution? To ship a truck full of onions to the former partner’s Shandong residence alongside the the note, ‘I’ve cried for three days, now it’s your turn.’ You know… the usual.

Image: Weibo / Zhejiang Television

“I heard from my friends that he was not upset at all after breaking up,” she told local Chinese media, according to Daily Mail. “I spent three days at home crying. I was so heart-broken.”

“So, I ordered a tonne of onions to his home. I’ve got money. I wanted him to know the taste of tears.” (The taste of tears. Now I’m weeping.)

The ex-boyfriend still didn’t really give a fuck, it seems. “Am I a bad person for simply not crying?” he reportedly told Shandong Net. “My ex-girlfriend was very dramatic.”

Image: Shandong Net

Despite the guy’s lack of tears, a neighbour was a bit more emotive about the whole affair, complaining that “the whole compound stinks of onions.” (Just enjoy the show, Karen, Jesus.)

The heartbroken lass has subsequently been praised by the internet (and when I say the internet, I mean me) for pulling off such a masterful, petty display of revenge.