Teen Boy Arrested Over Allegedly Creating & Distributing Explicit AI Images Of 50 Female Students

A teenage boy has been arrested over the alleged creation and distribution of explicit AI images of approximately 50 female students at a Victorian grammar school.

Bacchus Marsh Grammar’s principal Andrew Neal said dozens of students ranging from Year 9 to Year 12 had been targeted, with images of their faces taken from social media and manipulated with AI to make “obscene photographs”.

The students targeted with the alleged deepfake porn are being supported by the school.

“It’s appalling. It is something that strikes to the heart of students, particularly girls growing up at this age,” Neal told the ABC.

“They should be able to learn and go about their business without this kind of nonsense.”

The principal said “logic would suggest” a student or group of students at Bacchus Marsh Grammar are responsible for the creating and circulation of the illegal images, though other possibilities are not being ruled out.

Neal also told the publication that whoever is responsible for the act will face appropriate consequences.

“These things are not funny … they are basically vicious and therefore they should be dealt with appropriately,” Neal said.  

“It’s behaviour that needs to be dealt with in as firm a way as possible.” 

A statement from Victoria Police confirmed that the investigation is ongoing, and that officers received the information that “a number of images were sent to a person in the Melton area via an online platform on Friday, June 7.”

The teenager who was arrested has since been released, pending further enquiries. The investigation is ongoing.

The federal government announced last month that it would be criminalising the spread of AI-generated sexually explicit images, with offenders facing up to six years in prison. The legislation is expected to be introduced later this year.

[Image: Bacchus Marsh Grammar]

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