Health Alert Issued For Sydney F45 Gym After Someone Who Attended 13 Classes Tested Positive

A health alert has been issued for an F45 gym in south-west Sydney after someone who attended 13 individual sessions tested positive for COVID-19.

Anyone who went to the F45 Training gym at 1640 Camden Valley Way, Leppington, on 13 specific dates in October is considered a close contact and is being urged to get tested ASAP.

Even if they test negative, these close contacts must still self-isolate for 14 days.

The dates for the F45 Training sessions that the person attended are as follows:

  • Thursday 15 October, 5.15pm – 6pm
  • Saturday 17 October, 8.10am – 9.10am
  • Sunday 18 October, 8.55am – 9.40am
  • Monday 19 October, 5.50am – 6.35am
  • Tuesday 20 October, 5.50am – 6.35am
  • Wednesday 21 October, 5.15pm – 6pm
  • Thursday 22 October, 6.45am – 7.30am
  • Friday 23 October, 9.35am – 10.20am
  • Saturday 24 October, 7.10am – 8.10am
  • Sunday 25 October, 8.55am – 9.40am
  • Monday 26 October, 5.50am – 6.35am
  • Tuesday 27 October, 6.45am – 7.30am
  • Wednesday 28 October, 5.50am – 6.35am

The sessions were mostly early in the morning, but a few were in the afternoon too, widening the pool of potential close contacts.

On top of that, anyone who was at a class that finished five minutes before or started five minutes after any of these times is considered to be a casual contact who should watch closely for any symptoms.

Gyms in general have had a pretty rough year in terms of keeping human contact to a minimum, so having yet another public health alert issued for one was bound to happen.

That said, heaps of gyms have taken plenty of precautions to keep these incidents as rare as possible.

As early as March, F45 gyms in Sydney started banning high-fives which, in hindsight, was totally the right thing to do, no matter how extra it seemed at the time.