Mark Wahlberg Spent His Sydney Trip At An F45, Undoubtedly The City’s #1 Tourist Spot

Hollywood hench unit Mark Wahlberg spent a fair chunk of his recent trip to Australia an F45 club in Woollomooloo, and as someone who enjoys the gym and is ambivalent to being in Sydney, I totally get it.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Wahlberg checked in to the F45 training studio on Sunday, scoping out the venue during his trip Down Under.

The guy has more reason to visit than just a casual workout, though, as Wahlberg became a minority stakeholder in the Australian-founded business last year.

Posts shared on the F45 venue’s Instagram show Wahlberg hanging out with trainers at the facility and a Woolloomooloo restaurant, looking every part the brand ambassador. (I’ve never eaten out with a gym trainer, and I’m sure if they did, they’d quietly urge me to get more protein. But that’s neither here nor there.)

There’s even a video of his drop-in.

Aussie cricket star David Warner and ironwoman Candice Warner were there too, apparently.

Wahlberg was reportedly in town to film a commercial for a bookmaking agency, which reportedly required three days of work – and, of course, a fortnight of mandatory coronavirus quarantine.

The Daily Tele reports Wahlberg self-funded his own two-week stay at a Byron Bay property. Seems about right, given the increasing density of entertainment industry heavyweights crowding the region. (Want further info on which celebrities are camping out here, and where they were last spotted? By my guest.)

On the whole prospect of returning to Australia once this bullshit virus is done, Wahlberg told the paper he’d be keen.

“It has been a bit of a journey but I’m excited to be here and I’m looking forward to coming back when things are back to normal,” he said.

As always, the gym will be waiting.