First of all, this isn’t a sponsored piece. There’s no money changing hands here. I haven’t been paid squillions by Big Spotify to promote their latest campaign.

But can we all just take a minute to appreciate Spotify’s latest ad campaign? The streaming service has managed the rare – almost impossible – task of executing an ad campaign using humour that doesn’t make you, the customer, want to stab yourself in the eye with a fork.

Case in point:

You might have seen the ads popping up round the major cities. These are actual, honest-to-god playlists created by Spotify users. (Don’t worry – they’re all public, and Spotify asked permission. Your private ‘Just feeling myself 🙂‘ playlist ft. Hanson and N’Sync remain so.)

BTW these are Ti Butler‘s pics, all sourced via Twitter.

They’re not all winners. For example, there’s one at my bus stop (Central Station in Sydney) that compares the small number of ‘bogan’ playlists to the high number of ‘hipster’ playlists, and asks, “You gonna settle for that, bogans?”. Honestly it feels like a personal attack.

But the rest of them? Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

This is the only time I’ll ask it but please @ me if you see any good ones. 

I asked, you delivered. Please keep ’em coming.

Photo: Courtney Fry / Twitter.