Spotify Grants Obama’s Wish, Offers Him A+ Tailored ‘Prez of Playlists’ Job

Recently, President of the United States Barack Obama told the former Swedish ambassador Mark Brzezinski his plans for after he gives up that cushy seat in the White House (it’s only 10 days away, by the way): he was holding out for a job with Spotify. 
He joked about why Daniel Ek, the founder of Spotify, would want him on board with the company: 
“Cuz’ I know y’all loved my playlist!”
(If you somehow missed Obama‘s iconic playlist for Spotify, it’s HERE.)
And just Obama‘s bloody luck, that cheeky bugger – Spotify have popped up a job description that seems absolutely ruddy perfect for him. 
They just so happen to be looking for a ‘President of Playlists‘. Ek actually even tweeted the job offer at him:

The job is looking for a candidate who has “at least eight years experience running a highly-regarded nation”, “experience in programming playlists at a federal level”, a Nobel Peace Prize, and is “one of the greatest speakers of all time”. 

Yeesh, it’s pretty bloody specific! But we reckon old mate POTUS has it in the bag. 
The job looks pretty impressive. Yes, it’s on their actual job page, and you can legitimately put in your resume. Check it out here:


NOTE: the author of this article has applied for the role, just in case Obama chokes in the first round of interviews. I’m under-qualified, but I’m a fast learner and easily adaptable. I’ll report back. Don’t tell my boss. Cheers. 

Source: Spotify
Photo: Pool / Getty.