The internet has provided us with so many new and exciting ways to put a barrier between us and the consequences of our desires. Want to purchase new threads without the physical pain of handing over cash? Online shopping! Fancy some grub without the discomfort of putting on pants? Delivery apps! Want to find love? Tinder Bumble OkCupid Spotify!

Legitimately. Following the example of a canny young woman who dumped her sorta-partner via the titles of a well-curated Spotify playlist, U.S. native Hannah Woodley revealed her own take on the format: an earnest, endearing admission of her feelings to her crush. 

In case you don’t have the patience to scope through those handy-dandy screenshots, the 23-song playlist (including repeats, ya pedants) spells out “I kinda like you and I wanted to tell you / You might not feel the same and that is okay but I thought you should know / If you don’t feel it I still wannabe friends / I am corny.”

As it turns out, Woodley says the gambit was tre successful. Who wouldn’t give someone who chose to couch their feelings with so much effort at least one chance?

If anything, Woodley may just be the next successful participant in a growing trend, and the platform itself is all about it.

Jury’s out on whether Spotify users to follow will be as lucky…

Source: Mashable.
Photo: Hannah Woodley / Twitter.