Pics Of The Extent Of Flood Damage In Queensland Are Starting To Emerge And Fuck Fuck Fuck


Flood waters have receded in Queensland after days of heavy rain at the weekend and we’ve already started to see the aftermath and clean-up residents face.

The scale of the flood damage remains unclear but pictures and footage have begun to emerge online of destroyed cars, roads, bridges, vegetation and even animals, as well as shit in places it oughtn’t be.

The most extreme example was definitely this quad bike that ended up high and dry dangling from a power line in Gympie, north of Brisbane.

Image source: Energex via Facebook

Yes, the water was high enough to wash it up there and by the grace of God it stayed suspended until it was safely retrieved by the local power company’s repair crew.

Thousands of vehicles have washed away and ended up miles from home. This dude found one propped fully upright on a fence.

Sadly many won’t be salvageable due to structural and flood damage and a hell of a lot of dirt. Let’s just hope insurance companies don’t fucking hold out.

@couchyy00 The aftermath in goodna, Queensland. Looks like a ghost town. #queenslandfloods #queenslandfloods2022 #floods #flashflooding #goodna #brisbaneflood #ghosttown ♬ Scary – Background Sounds

The other major casualty of the floods was a devastating amount of vegetation. Countless trees and plants have been uprooted and stick and leaf debris has been dumped right across the flooded regions.

Ten dead cows also washed up on Gold Coast beach on Wednesday morning after livestock was found on roofs across Queensland and northern NSW on Tuesday. The dead animals were quickly removed.

Images online have shown an incalculable amount of rubbish on the streets and it’s impossible to know at this stage how long or how much money would be needed for the clean-up.

Flood waters have also begun to drop in Lismore, NSW from a peak of more than 15 metres to 10 and will continue to drop as the rain moves south.

It rained in Sydney through the start of the week and the full force of the weather system is due to hit on Wednesday afternoon. Stay safe and dry, everyone.