Melb’s E-Scooter Data Is Officially Out Featuring Stats On Hooning, Total Trips & More Hooning

Melbourne e-scooter data released

Hold onto your helmets because we’ve just received the official Melbourne e-scooter stats for the past 12 months. So have Melburnians enjoyed cosplaying as electric cowboys, or would they have preferred to chuck the e-scooters in the Yarra like in the good old days? Let’s delve.

The data mainly comes from RACV, which has released a bunch of stats on things like ride counts, the purpose for travel and even police busts.

Let’s start off with the big ticket stuff.

During the City of Melbourne’s e-scooter trial period this past year, RACV reckons a total of 2.8 million trips have been completed on Neuron and Lime scooters per the ABC.

Crikey, that’s a bloody whopper of a digit.

Now onto the more risqué hoon numbers.

Over a similar period, Victoria Police have dished out 865 fines for bad behaviour relating to e-scooters.

This comprises 219 counts of failing to don a helmet, 294 frolics on the footpath when riders shouldn’t have been and 143 occasions of carrying more than one person on an e-scooter.

All things considered, these numbers feel a little low. Perhaps cops were a little more lenient with people since Melbourne has been in a trial phase?

Anecdotally, I’ve certainly seen more than 143 people giving their friend a lift on the back of their e-scooter. It looks like a (very illegal, please don’t do it) hoot!

Yusuf Abdulahi, the regional manager for Neuron scooters (the orange brand), told the ABC that 40 per cent of its customers were commuters, and the other 60 per cent were just exploring.

“Further to this, 65 per cent of trips result in a purchase at a local business,” he said.

Interesting. Clearly the e-scooter-to-coffee-and-a-muffin pipeline is well intact.

From the sounds of things, e-scooters might stick around in Melbourne with the Lord Mayor Sally Capp singing its praises.

“I absolutely love it,” she told the national broadcaster.

“I think these past 12 months have shown how embedded the usage of e-scooters are in Melbourne.”

If you’re keen for more e-scooter news, suss out this bizarre story in which a lonely Brunswick e-scooter got towed away on a massive truck as part of a “police crackdown”.

There was also the Perth man who lost an eye (yes, an eye) after being hit by a flying potato while riding an e-scooter.

Let’s hope this never happens in Melbourne, or anywhere, again…