Watch A Lonely E-Scooter Be Loaded Onto A Giant Tow Truck In The Name Of A Police Crackdown


Victoria Police are cracking down hard on e-scooter riders and the first casualty of this blitz was an e-scooter in Brunswick that was seized, towed away on a giant truck and impounded this morning.

The e-scooter was the first to be impounded for 30 days under the Road Safety Act as part of an operation led by Fawkner Highway Patrol that began today. Police will be patrolling main roads in the Brunswick area this week and checking early morning commuters’ compliance with e-scooter legislation around safety.

Police are targeting e-scooter riders in response to an apparent rise in frequency of incidents. The crackdown also comes after an e-scooter rider died last month when he lost control going over a speedbump. He was not wearing a helmet and later died in hospital.

Police say the mode of transport is increasing in popularity but these darned kids and environmentalists aren’t following the rules.

Privately-owned e-scooters that can travel at more than 10km per hour are illegal in Victoria. Those caught riding them will cop a $925 fine and their e-scooter will be impounded. They are not messing around!!!

Victoria Police Acting Inspector Darren Kenos told 3AW he was tired of dealing with e-scooter incidents because he often sees them speeding.

But where’s the latest crackdown on drink-driving or running red lights or cars driving dangerously around cyclists or bike paths?

While e-scooters and bicycles can of course be very dangerous, it’s more likely the riders themselves will be worst injured in a crash. Whereas drivers of cars and trucks can very easily cause injury or death to passengers, other drivers or pedestrians.

That being said, e-scooters probably shouldn’t be barrelling down crowded footpaths. Maybe stick to the road, guys. And slow down if you see the cops.