Terrifying Photos Emerge Of Huge Dust Storm Bearing Down On Dubbo Like It’s ‘Mad Max’ IRL

Just in case the combination of severe storms, heavy rain, damaging hail, and blazing fires across the country wasn’t enough wild weather for you, a massive dust storm also rolled over Dubbo and central-western NSW yesterday. Just a real cherry on top of the insane summer we’re having this year, folks.

[jwplayer TqndU7OJ]

Huge gusts of wind picked up a lot of the dry topsoil from across the state, creating a massively ominous darkened cloud and incredible photos and videos like these:

The storm cloud managed to stretch over 100km, hitting both Dubbo and Parkes, as well as townships like Narromine and Nyngan in the surrounding areas. It could also be seen from Canowindra, nearly 200km away.

Apparently the dust was showing up on radars as similar to rain clouds or a thunderstorm, but instead, the huge gusts of wind (some topping out at 107km/h) kicked up enough dirt and dust to cloak a huge area in complete darkness hours before the sunset.

Around 2.2mm of rain fell at Dubbo Airport after the dust storm passed overnight, giving the ground a bit of a much-needed soaking and relief from extensive droughts and threats of water running out, but still, more is needed.

It’s the second dust storm to roll through NSW’s central west, with a huge storm covering Forbes last Thursday, creating small tornadoes of dust on the outskirts of the major storm cloud.

Canberra and Mildura have also been hit by dust in the last three months, turning skies bright orange and mixing in with smoke clouds from nearby bushfires.

Normal stuff, totally fine.