There’s nothing like a spectacular weather event to remind you of the simply breathtaking power and awe of the natural world, and there’s few more spectacular than a dust storm. Dust? Not that scary. Wind? Not that scary. Combine the two? Whole different kettle of fish.

Dust storms, as you might know them from such films as The Mummy, Interstellar, and Blade Runner 2049, have a tendency to make everything in and around them look delightfully apocalyptic, which is a view of the world that residents in Mildura were treated to this afternoon:

Video caught of it displayed a similarly Book of Revelation-esque vibe:

Look a bit terrifying? Well it looks much worse from the inside:

I wish the people of Mildura nothing but luck in cleaning up every single remaining piece of dust that has surely managed to work its way into anything that has a crack or a crevice.

Image: Twitter / Lloyd_kirsten