Dude Recreates Cringeworthy Tinder Profile Pictures For His Blog

Regular down-to-earth Aussie bro Jarrod Allen has found himself a new hobby. Jarrod, an occasional Tinder user and noted Budgy Smuggler, has begun to reimagine some of the photos he’s been stumbing across in his quest for everlasting and/or very temporary love.

After adding some of the modelling shots to his Facebook he was m8 pressured into sharing them with the greater world. His other main motivation for starting the art project/blog entitled ‘Tinderfella’? In his words: “I’m mainly just trying to get a Valentine’s Day pash, or twelve, out of the whole thing.”

The tradition of compiling Tinder profile pictures for humour is a long and proud one, with recent notable examples including Dolphins On Dating Sites, How To Lose A Guy In One Tinder and Tinder Guys With Tigers. Despite the fact that Jarrod’s particular brand of Tinder exhibitionism has only been live for two days, it already contains some decidedly strong looks:


Despite finding the whole Tinder thing a bit weird – he prefers to “meet people the old fashioned way… in person” – he has said that he will likely add some of the Tinderfella pictures to his profile so, ladies, keep an eye out.

In terms of Tinderfella, Jarrod says that he’ll probs keep doing it – “It’s getting a couple of laughs, so why not.”

Why not, indeed.
CC: single ladies of Australia

Thanks for the tip Jen Kirkwood.

Images via Tinderfella.