Alan Tsibulya Takes Tinder Profile Pics To The Streets In The Name Of Science

tinder profile picture

You can tell a lot about someone by looking at their Tinder profile.

If someone’s pics are all from festivals, showing them absolutely covered in glitter with a load of equally-bedazzled mates, they definitely trying to convey those ‘party animal’ vibes.

Conversely, if all their photos are solo dolo selfies, taken in various locations around their house, chances are, they’re owning that homebody life.

But have you ever thought about what message your profile pics are sending people?

I mean, you might think you come across as a very balanced citizen – thanks to your perfectly curated mix of friends, travel, outdoor-sy and chillaxed images – but do you really?

In the most recent ep of Live Up To The Swipe, resident Tinder expert and Sydney-born performer Alan Tsibulya gives a PEDESTRIAN.TV staffer the 411 on what their profile pics actually say about them.

To do this, Alan asks our mate Dom what she was trying to achieve with each pic in her profile (thanks again for taking one for the team, Dom).

Then Alan explains how he sees the shot and, just a heads up, he’s not afraid to call it how he sees it.

To prove his point, old mate then takes to the streets to reenact every glorious snap from Dom’s profile in real life.

From cute travel shots… taken alone, to wide-mouthed laughing memories and even cute puppy pics, you might wanna make a note of the ones that get the solid thumbs up (and those that don’t quite make the cut).

The verdict? It’s a winning profile.

If this is anything to go off, for those of you looking to give your Tinder profile a little makeover, the best thing you can possibly do is just take a crapload of cute puppy pics.

That way, even if the whole dating thing doesn’t come off, at least you got to hug some cute floofs. How bow dah for a win/win scenario?

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