Drag Race Icon Gigi Goode Has Come Out As Trans Nonbinary & Detailed Her Transition Journey

gigi goode drag race trans nonbinary

RuPaul’s Drag Race queen and emerging supermodel Gigi Goode has come out as transgender non-binary, in a new Instagram post where she talked about her transition and her process of legally changing her name to Gigi.

Gigi said that she began the process of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) at the start of the year, where she’s taking testosterone blockers and estrogen “as a means of bringing in the woman and pushing out the man”.

She also said that the forced downtime during the US’ response to the pandemic last year was “crucial” to her making the decision to begin HRT, because she had time to herself to think and reflect on herself and her identity.

“On the show, which was almost two years ago which is insane, I came out as genderfluid,” she said.

“I still very much identify with, I’d say I’m leaning more towards the non-binary side of that. But it was a realisation that I didn’t really have much time to process as the episodes were airing. So I think that if the world hadn’t shut down and I was going on tour, I really wouldn’t have been able to process it further.”

She also addressed the elephant in the room – the fact she’s wrapped up in a head bandage and sporting two shiners. As part of her transition, Gigi had facial feminisation surgery (also known as FFS), which she recognised is a different experience for everyone and in her experience wasn’t extreme.

She said she may go into the specifics of the actual work she had done further down the track, but assured everyone that the parts she had altered to make her face look more feminine isn’t going to change her face completely.

“Now that I’ve reached this point in my transition, I’m excited to let you all in on it,” she said.

“I hope you all understand I wasn’t trying to keep you away from this forever. I really just needed this time to myself to figure this out for me and to be able to stand on solid ground when I come out to you.”

Other queens from across the extended Drag Race universe threw their support behind Gigi Goode’s announcement, including GottmikAquariaKandy MuseSaggitariaJan, and Courtney Act, filling up the comments with messages of love and excitement for Gigi’s future.

Ugh, my heart.