We Finally Have Some Idea Of What The Hell’s Happening With The ‘Drag Race’ Virtual Finale

Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race has found itself faced with some unprecedented challenges in Season 12. First came the disqualification of Sherry Pie, and the announcement that she would not be appearing in the show’s season finale. Then, COVID-19 effectively shut down film and TV production around the world, leaving the finale itself up in the air.

Drag Race typically brings the queens back together for a reunion episode and lip sync battle finale at the end of the season. While it would be impossible to do either of those things in the current climate, it appears that the show’s producers have found a way around it, as we’ll be getting a virtual reunion and finale in weeks to come.

Per New York Times reports, the Season 12 queens got together for a “virtual slumber party”, which will air on Friday May 22 (Saturday May 23 in Australia) in place of the traditional reunion episode. Mama Ru will check in with the girls to see how they’re holding up in quarantine, and presumably also get them on one big Zoom call to rehash the dramas of the season.

The following week, on Friday May 29 (Saturday May 30), we’ll be getting a virtual season finale, where the top four queens will compete in a “revolutionary” lip sync, made possible with “innovative technology that highlights the creativity of the queens.”

It’s unclear what that means, but we’ll probably get to see the girls lip syncing from home with the most creative outfits and backdrops they can pull together while in quarantine.

The top four queens will theoretically be decided in this week’s pre-taped episode, although given Sherry Pie’s disqualification, it’s likely that the top four will consist of Jaida Essence HallGigi GoodeJackie Cox and my own deranged favorite Crystal Methyd.

This may not be the case, though. Will Ru pull some kind of stunt and bring Heidi N Closet / Heidi Aphrodite / Heidi Whatever We’re Calling Her This Week back to compete for a place in the top four? Will the Fierce Brocc-Ally return to take out the whole competition?

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We can’t rule anything out, and frankly, I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

You can catch new episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Stan, the same day as the US.