‘Canada’s Drag Race’ Is Sashaying Onto Screens In July & The Queens Have Been Ru-Vealed

It seems we’re slowly but surely headed towards a year-round never-ending cycle of ‘Drag Race’ shows and spinoffs, about which I am absolutely not complaining about whatsoever. To add to the mix – and your daily viewing pleasures – Canada’s Drag Race is set to kick off on July 3.

Mama Ru come through with that endless schedule of cinched waists, padded everything, and tongue pops. I’m GOOPED.

And you thought you’d be left with no tea and no shade after All-Stars 5, come on.

Much like the Thailand spinoff of Drag Race, this brand-spanking-new Canadian version looks like it won’t be judged Michelle VisageCarson Kressley and Ross Matthews, but instead will be led by a bevy of Canadian folks as sweet as the syrup from the trees. Instead, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman from UnREAL, international supermodel Stacey McKenzie and Drag Race S11 runner-up Brooke Lynn Hytes will take on the judging duties. With Canada’s own Traci Melchor as the appointed squirrel friend of the series.

The host with the most has not yet been confirmed, but we’ll let you know when we get that nut of information.

Also no confirmation on any Broc Ally appearances, either.

It’s the first time the Crown To Be Snatched has crossed the northern border into Canada, so Gawd knows what kind of talent lies up there. Nevertheless, RuPaul’s world domination continues, and we’ve been greeted with all the queens from the Mountie County vying to become Canada’s First Drag Superstar.

And before you ask, yes there is a queen in a bedazzled-up ice hockey costume. Of course, there is.

Grab a drink, take a hot 10 minutes, and meet the 12 queens below.

The talent in here, my lord. I cannot wait to see how this turns out. Also, I’m already obsessed with Ilona Verley. A non-binary, indigenous queen with a sword for a finger? Sign me the fuck up, please and thank you.

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Mark your calendar, start your engines, and get your hot glue guns warmed up because the first season of Canada’s Drag Race hits your screens on Stan from July 3. Pretty much a month after All-Stars 5 begins. So much to untuck here, girlses.