Trump Just Revealed He Wants A North Korea-Style Propaganda TV Channel

US President Donald Trump this morning revealed what was already patently clear: he wants to establish a new media network dedicated to all things that make America “GREAT!”, and he wants that content pumped to the outside world.

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Without jumping to too many conclusions, it seems Trump would appreciate a state-run television station of the kind favoured in liberal and open nations like North Korea. 

Taking to Twitter – perhaps one of the only outlets Trump can use to pump out the exact information he’d like to share worldwide – the president today lambasted CNN, the American commercial network which has long been a target of his ire.

Instead of simply whacking them with his spurious claim of fake news, Trump today said “something has to be done” about CNN’s journalism, and that “something” could well be “our own Worldwide Network to show the World the way we really are, GREAT!”

Trump’s statement appears to ignore the fact America already has a publicly-owned news source in radio network Voice Of America. There’s also the famed public-private partnership that is NPR.

However, neither of those outlets pump out the fawning, uncritical content kind Trump seems to appreciate.

While Trump did not explicitly mention North Korea, he has previously expressed a certain kind of admiration for its leader, Kim Jong-un.

His regime has maintained a strict hold on North Korea’s media outlets, which are effectively restricted from publishing or broadcasting negative stories pertaining to the notoriously insular and oppressive nation.

Of course, all of this ignores the fact that as the most visible human on the entire planet who occupies one of the most powerful offices in history, it’d already be pretty easy for him to bask in the good news – if his administration was more capable of delivering it, that is.

Until Trump’s dream of a sanitised and glowing outlet American outlet comes to fruition, feel free to baste yourself in the weirdness of the White House’s official video content to give you an idea of what the world could reasonably expect.