Uh, Does Trump’s Video Editor Need An iMovie Tutorial Or What?

You have to wonder what it’s like being a member of Trump‘s communications team. Your boss does most of his communications himself via barely coherent tweets, so you’ve just got to have a basic handle on the stuff he can’t do – like write press releases and do videos. Simple!

Now, we get that Trump might want to venerate his lonely and shambling appearance at the G20 summit, where he kind of wandered around while a bunch of world leaders tried to do their jobs without him. 
But whoever is in charge of doing Trump’s social media video needs a basic iMovie tutorial, I reckon. The Ken Burns effect may appear a simple tool to the untrained eye, but it requires a deft and steady hand.
You will see what I mean. Warning: if you get motion sickness, do not watch this.

Nothing more inspiring than a rapid camera zoom slamming right into Trump’s face in a photo of him sitting dispassionately at a desk to get the blood pumping.
Quick one: the help menu is right up there, buddy. We’re here for you.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Getty Images.