Donald Trump Agrees To First-Ever Meeting With North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un

US President Donald Trump has agreed to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un to discuss denuclearisation, The White House has confirmed.

The announcement comes after South Korean national security advisor Chung Eui-yong said the North Korean leader had “expressed his eagerness to meet President Trump as soon as possible,” and that they will meet for the first time before May.

Trump himself has voiced his approval of the move.

The location of the meeting is yet to be determined.

The stated goal of the meeting is the permanent abolition of North Korea’s nuclear missile program, which has long been a cause of serious anxiety in the Asia-Pacific region and further abroad.

North Korea is reportedly willing to suspend its nuclear testing in the lead-up to the meeting. The US is expected to maintain all of its sanctions against the nation.

North Korea’s nuclear program has been an issue of concern for the Trump administration, with Trump himself admonishing “Little Rocket Man” Kim for the nation’s continual provocations.

Trump also vowed that if America was forced to defend itself or its allies from a North Korean attack, it would “totally destroy” the nation.

Still, the announcement of a meeting comes amid a renewed sense of diplomatic ties between North and South Korea.

The meeting will be the first-ever meeting of a US president and a North Korean leader. Uncharted bloody territory here, folks.