A Pair Of YouTubers Tried To Organise A Fan Meet & All Hell Broke Loose

If you are (mercifully) not cognisant of who The Dolan Twins are, I have no specific interest in educating you. All you need to know is that they’re a couple of American dudes who made their butter doing skits on Vine, and have continued it on YouTube.

This is what they do:

As with many other starlets who have gone through the Vine content churn machine, they have an absolute bucketload of teenaged fans, who watch all their videos millions of times. They’re like The Beatles, if the Beatles were famous for doing six second videos where they yell a lot.

Well, Grayson and Ethan Dolan were in the UK for the MTV European Music Awards, when they decided – quite innocently – to set up a meet and greet for London fans at Hyde Park. Easy!

As you can see from the numbers on that tweet – replies, likes and retweets – the possible attendance of said meet-and-greet may have reached the point where you might need a smidge of professional organisation and crowd control. It’s clear the lads quickly realised that was the case:

The quick transition from “Yo, we’re having a meetup!” to “We would prefer if hundreds of tweens are not trampled to death,” took under 24 hours, which is reasonably impressive. But it wasn’t the only issue with the Hyde Park meetup. Turns out it was Remembrance Day and there was a massive memorial service happening on the other side of the park. Generally the vibe at memorial services is a tad more sombre than a Vine fan meetup.

So the Dolans quickly reversed their plan to show up:

Of course, like your mate who cancels on a few bevs at the pub when you’ve already arrived at the pub, the Dolans truly did not comprehend the staggering logistical fuckup they had just inaugurated. The tweens were already en route. The tweens were already en route.

The absolute scenes on Twitter can only be described as apocalyptic. The sequel to Children of Men is looking absolutely ace, guys:




Hell on Earth, folks.